Australia Awards Cambodia

Required Documents

In Intake 2018 44% of all applications submitted were deemed ineligible. In most of these cases applicants failed to:

  • provide the required documents
  • failed to provide the documents in the correct format e.g. no English language translation, incomplete transcripts such as failure to provide the Foundation Year transcript work experience evidence/employer statement not valid etc

Applicants are encouraged to carefully consult the below table and the OASIS Applicant User Guide about the process for correctly uploading documents (including the maximum document MB size allowed).

The table below lists the documents that must be provided.

Documents do not have to be certified at the time of application.

If supporting documents are not provided, the application is incomplete and will be deemed ineligible.

Document Document type
All official university degree certificate(s), with English translations. Degree certificate/s
All official university transcripts of results, with English translations. Academic transcript/s
Evidence of personal identification and date of birth (e.g. passport personal information pages, National ID card, birth certificate). Proof of citizenship
Evidence or a statement(s) from workplace(s) (either current or previous) confirming positions held and duration of employment, to satisfy the 24-month eligibility requirement. This statement must be dated and signed by employer/s. (refer Australia Awards Cambodia website template capturing details required). Employer/Ministry Statement

Curriculum Vitae (Applicants must use the CV template referred to in the promotional brochure and on Australia Awards Cambodia website).

CV or Resume
Minimum of two referee reports (referee report template is available on Australia Awards Cambodia website). Referee Reports
An Unconditional Letter of Offer from the intended university or must provide evidence of extensive correspondence with the proposed supervisor or faculty, demonstrating serious progress on thesis development over a period of time and in-principle support for the proposed research topic. Other document
Evidence at the time of application of an IELTS of 6.5 (or equivalent) with no band less than 6.0 (a test result must have been obtained after 30 April 2017). Other document