Australia Awards – Cambodia

Target Groups

Women, People with Disability, People Working in the Area of Disability and People Working the Predominantly in the Provinces Are Strongly Encouraged to Apply.

The Australian aid program recognises that sustainable development can only be achieved through the active participation of all members of a community. Therefore, inclusive approaches towards women, people with disability and those working in the area of disability, or people marginalized through geographical distance, are viewed as an integral part of universal human rights and an important development goal in itself.

Ensuring people with disability have equal access to development including scholarship opportunities is an objective of the Australian Government’s ‘Promoting Opportunities for All’. Applicants with a disability are supported every step of the way to ensure barriers to their full participation, in both the application process and in Australia on Award, are addressed as far as reasonably possible. We aim to increase the number of people with disability applying for and successfully gaining an Award.

Under the Australian Government’s “Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Policy”, we aim to increase the number of women applying for and successfully gaining an Australia Award. Our target is to receive 50% of applications from women and this will help us to achieve our goal of providing 50% of our Awards to women.