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Who are our alumni?

Australian alumni includes any Cambodian who has graduated from an Australian university or vocational training centre, either in Australia, online or in another country, and includes all self-funded and scholarship recipients and participants in Short-Term awards – both Short Courses (SCs) and Informal Learning Opportunities (ILOs).

Each year, two recently returned alumni are appointed as Australia Awards Scholarships Ambassadors to give back to Cambodia by sharing their experiences with prospective applicants interested in studying in Australia through an Australia Award Scholarship. Ambassadors have the opportunity to develop close relationship with the Australian Embassy through the role and gain valuable insights as a result. Expressions of interest are called for each September.

Mr. Cheut Reaksmey, Australia Awards Ambassador of intake 2024, completed a Master of Project Management from University of Sydney

Ms. Kheang Sokleng, Australia Awards Ambassador of intake 2024, completed a Master of Agricultural Sciences from the University of Melbourne

Since 1994 to date Australia Awards Scholarships have been awarded to around 1,000 Cambodian individuals. They have completed their higher education in different sectors ranging from environment, effective governance, education, building resilience, health, social inclusion, trade facilitation to agriculture and fisheries and returned to Cambodia to apply the knowledge, skills and networks gained in Australia to Cambodia’s ongoing socio-economic development.


returned alumni 2022 data

Connect to a World of Possibilities

Australia’s global Alumni are highly talented, globally mobile and empowered by a world-class Australian education. They are current and future leaders, they are the influencers and change-makers. Individually and collectively, Australia Global Alumni are helping to shape the world around them.


Being an Australian alumnus opens up a world of opportunities to engage with other professionals locally and internationally. You can do that in various ways such as:

  1. Become a member of the Australian Alumni Association of Cambodia (AAA-C)
  2. Register yourself with the Australia Global Alumni network, and
  3. Sign up to the Australia Awards Cambodia alumni database.

Australian Alumni Association of Cambodia (AAA-C)

The Australian Alumni Association of Cambodia (AAA-C) is a non-profit and non-political organisation serving all Cambodians who have studied at an Australian tertiary or vocational institutions.

With around 700 members from diverse professional backgrounds, including government officials, business people, academics, researchers and individuals working in public and private sector, AAA-C stands to represent Australian alumni inside and outside Cambodia to contribute to the well-being of society, as well as, to assemble the Australian alumni to positively implement the association’s objectives in a professional and responsible way.

Stay connected to other alumni in Cambodia to benefit individually and collectively in a like-minded community through becoming a member of AAA-C. Visit the AAA-C website and Facebook page for more information.

Australia Global Alumni

Besides engaging locally with your fellow alumni in Cambodia, you can open up new connections with Australia and beyond with more than 4,000 Australian Awards alumni from all over the world. From new personal and professional networks, share stories, access ongoing local, regional and global opportunities for networking and professional development, and celebrate success through the Australia Global Alumni website and social media.

Visit the website

LinkedIn: Follow Australia Global Alumni and share content by tagging @AustraliaGlobalAlumni. LinkedIn is a social media option for professional profiling. Remember to use a professional tone in your messages.

Twitter: Follow @AustraliaAwards and @AusGlobalAlumni and tag these handles in tweets where relevant. Use the hashtag #AustraliaAwards. Pictures can double your reach so use them! Remember to keep your posts concise.

Instagram: Follow @australiawards on Instagram. Photos with striking colours and energy are popular with the Australia Awards target audience. Remember to tag @AustraliaAwards or use the hashtag #AustraliaAwards

Alumni Sign Up

Please update or submit your profile using this form to ensure you are contacted for a range of great upcoming opportunities.


Gaining a scholarship to Australia is a life-time opportunity to enrich one’s life academically, professionally and socially and it is the obligation of awardees to contribute to their country upon their return. To assist alumni in realising this goal with their individual interests and professions, Australia Awards continue to support them in implementing projects that are close to their hearts and build their community in the long run through Alumni Grant Scheme.


Hard work comes with great rewards and this is how we celebrate our alumni achievements through ongoing linkages between the alumni community both in Cambodia and Australia.

Alumni success stories

Socheata SIM

Socheata SIM

Mekong Program Manager, Oxfam Course: Master of Public Health University: The University of Melbourne Graduation: 2012I am a Mekong Program Manager at Oxfam, under the portfolio of the Mekong Regional Water Governance Program, based out of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The...

Youssey LAK

Youssey LAK

Advisor on Trade Information and Advocacy at ARISE Plus Cambodia Program, GOPA Worldwide Consultants Course: Master of Global Food and Agricultural Business University: The University of Adelaide Graduation: 2019 Thanks to the Australia Awards Scholarship and the...

Chanchamnap SOK

Chanchamnap SOK

Program Coordinator, ACCESS Program (The Australia-Cambodia Cooperation for Equitable Sustainable Services) managing by Cowater International (Canadian based company) Course: Dual Master Degree in Public Health and International Public Health University: University of...

Alumni engagement opportunities

A key focus of our  alumni engagement is  supporting alumni to upgrade, and refresh their skills and further build their career pathways through  a range of  professional development and networking opportunities. These include   online, hybrid, and in-person workshops, discussions, and  regional networking events delivered by  prestigious Australian and Cambodian  universities, institutes and agencies with support from Australia Award Cambodia.

Professional development activities include:

  • Women in Leadership
  • Practical Initiatives for Diversity and Inclusion
  • Executive Skills Development
  • Public Speaking Training
  • Research Design Training

Small Research Grants (SRG)

Small Research Grants provide alumni with financial support of up to USD 10,000 (where a project is in partnership with an Australian individual, an additional USD 2,000 may be available) to undertake research that addresses emerging challenges and opportunities in Cambodia, thereby contributing to public discourse and policy development. Grants rounds generally open once a year – with announcements made to the alumni network via email and AAC’s Facebook and website and are awarded through an open and competitive process.

These Research Grants provide alumni with opportunities:

  • to enhance and use their knowledge and skills
  • to develop, maintain and strengthen professional linkages and partnerships with the Australian Government, Australian businesses, public and private organizations and educational institutions
  • to connect with each other across disciplines and professions, organisations and institutions, and geographic areas to share good practice and create opportunities for collaboration,

thereby showcasing Australia’s excellence as a global provider of high-quality education and research.

By participating in these research grants, AAC hopes to enable grantees to:

  • generate research that will inform policy development and decision-making on relevant issues
  • contribute to the existing body of knowledge and scientific literature in the Cambodian context
  • help predict and respond to current development challenges in Cambodia and in vulnerable sectors of society.

Download important documents about the research grants here.

Alumni publications / research findings

Our alumni are currently researching on various topics and the publications and other research findings will be accessible here as soon as they are published.


1. Am I considered an alumnus if I did not receive an Australian Awards Scholarship but graduated from an Australian university?

Yes, Australian alumni includes any Cambodian who has graduated from an Australian university or vocational training centre, either in Australia, online or in another country, and includes all self-funded and scholarship recipients and participants in Short-Term awards – both Short Courses (SCs) and Informal Learning Opportunities (ILOs).

2. What is the first thing I need to do after returning to Cambodia to benefit from being an alumnus?

Once you have completed your study from an Australian educational institution, you automatically become an alumnus. To stay connected and receive up-to-date information about both local and international opportunities you should:


3. How do I find out about alumni engagement activities and opportunities?

Please watch our website and social media pages or email us directly by going to “Contact” page in our website – The Australia Awards Office in Cambodia to ask about existing alumni engagement programs.

4. If I have an idea about a professional development opportunity, how can I raise it?

Please  email us directly by going to “Contact” page in our website – the Australia Awards Office in Cambodia to share your ideas, suggestions, and comments.


5. What alumni activities do Australia Awards Cambodia run?

Activities include:

  • Welcoming Function for newly returned students from Australia to welcome them back to Cambodia and celebrate their educational achievements,
  • Reintegration Workshop to support newly returned students with tips and resources on how to settle in Cambodia after their study,
  • Professional Mentoring Program,
  • Professional and Personal Development Programs,
  • Networking Events,
  • Alumni of the Year to recognise and celebrate outstanding Australian alumni who have achieved and contributed to Cambodian development

Contact us

For more information about alumni engagement opportunities, please contact the Australia Awards Office in Cambodia.

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