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The Equity Pathways Program provides support to qualifying Cambodians to help them meet certain Australia Awards Scholarships eligibility requirements.

The purpose of the Equity Pathways Program (EPP) is to improve social inclusion outcomes in relation to Australia Awards Scholarships so that Australia Awards Cambodia (AAC) effectively progresses the equity, equality and social inclusion goals of the Australian Aid program. The EPP focuses on Equity Target Groups (ETGs) – sub-groups in Cambodian society who have typically experienced the effects of social, educational and structural barriers and disadvantage which has effectively limited their access to opportunity, including access to scholarships.

The EPP therefore has the following goal:
To support the achievement of social inclusion outcomes in Australia Awards Cambodia by increasing the capacity of high quality, current and future applicants who are members of equity target groups, to meet English language and eligibility standards and successfully compete in a merit-based selection process.

Equity target groups

Equity Target Groups (ETG) refer to subgroups of Cambodian society who have been identified as being more likely to have experienced disadvantage due to multiple factors: social or cultural standards, expectations and bias, geographic or social isolation, financial and economic disadvantage, institutional discrimination or limited access to opportunity.

Equity support is offered on the basis that past disadvantage has limited opportunity and adversely affected the ability of individuals in these groups to compete on an equal basis, alongside their peers. In this way, equity support offers ‘catch up’ opportunities with the aim of enabling individuals from ETGs to successfully compete in merit-based processes.

AAC recognises five equity target groups:
1. Women
2. People with disability
3. Men and women who live and work in the provincial areas of Cambodia
4. Indigenous and ethnic minorities
5. Other marginalised groups (LGBTQIA+)

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for support, applicants must be assessed as being eligible and qualified to apply for, or have the potential to become eligible to apply for an Australia Awards Scholarship. Therefore, applicants MUST:

1. Be a citizen of Cambodia (only)
2. Be a resident of Cambodia for a period of 24 months prior to application
3. Possess a bachelor’s degree considered equivalent to an Australian bachelor’s degree
4. Have at least 24 months full-time (or part-time equivalent) work experience (this doesn’t apply to applicants for a workplace internship)
5. Be proposing to apply for an Australia Awards Scholarship in the future
6. Be competent at an intermediate level in English (if applying for English language training support). English Language Test will be provided.
7. English Language Requirement

Click here to watch a video on how to fill out an EPP application and CV. We encourage all candidates interested in applying for the Equity Pathways Program to watch this video before starting their eligibility check.

To check your eligibility, please click here

Entry into the EPP requires that applicants have a basic minimum level of English language competence.

People with Disability The Rest
Overall entry IELTS 5 (sub-band requirements are assessed on a case-by-case basis) Overall entry IELTS 5.5 (no sub-band less than 5.0)

Application Process summary

Support available

1. English Language Training
Once accepted into the program, participants in the EPP are funded for between 3 and 4 terms of high quality, part-time English language training at a leading English Language School.

English language testing

1. English placement and/or IELTS entry test for new EPP applicants
2. IELTS preparation and
3. IELTS testing (at exit or other timing as required) for completing EPP participants.
4. Professional development with the aim of improving capacity to compete in the merit-based selection process. Support will cover:

• Skills relevant to the preparation of a sound application;
• Preparation and performance at interview;
• Opportunity for role play and practice to develop confidence and receive peer feedback.
• Personal mentoring, to provide 1:1 support particularly to people with disability that have a longer term EPP engagement.

2. Internship Program for People with Disability
The Internship Program for People with Disability provides access to paid, secure and suitable employment for individuals who wish to apply for an Australia Awards Scholarship in the future, but who do not currently meet the eligibility requirement of 24-months full-time equivalent work experience.

Provincially-based people

1. Travel and accommodation
The standard allowances apply to travel and accommodation for provincial participants and people with disability. The allowances are based on a fair and reasonable contribution toward ‘out of pocket’ expenses incurred in the course of attending EPP ELT, IELTS test and events in Phnom Penh. For people with disability who live and travel within Phnom Penh, an allowance of 5$ per return trip applies. The allowances are calculated at the beginning of Term and paid on the basis of 50% at the commencement of Term, with the 50% balance paid at the successful completion of Term. The balance is adjusted to account for any deductions in the event of absence from class.

2. Internet Allowances
EPP participants who elect to attend virtual class (online) will be eligible to an Internet allowance of USD 50 per term.

How could I apply:

1. Apply online, please click here
2. For those who want to apply in hard-copy, please download application form and CV template and send email to COZ.Australia Awards Office in Cambodia via, with email subject: Application for the Equity Pathways Program (EPP).
3. If you have any questions, please email us via, with email subject: Inquiry About Equity Pathways Program (EPP)
4. People with disability and referral partners are encouraged to contact the Australia Awards Office in Cambodia to discuss the Equity Pathways Program or scholarship applications. You can reach us via this email:

Let’s hear from the EPP-AAS successful stories – videos


1. Who are the equity target groups of Equity Pathways Program?
a. Women
b. People with disability
c. People living and working in a province
d. Members of indigenous and ethnic minorities
e. Other marginalised groups
2. What support does EPP provide?
Participants are provided to undertake high-quality part-time English Language Training at a leading English language school up to 9 months.
3. I am living and working in a province, will the EPP support me to study in Phnom Penh?
Provincially-based participants who have to travel to attend class in Phnom Penh are eligible to additional contribution to return travel and two nights accommodation in Phnom Penh.
4. I have less than 24 months of work experience. Am I eligible to apply for EPP?
No, you are not. One of the EPP selection criteria is to meet the 24-month full time work experience.
5. Do I need to have an IELTS test result before applying for EPP?
No, you do not need an IELTS test result before applying. If your EPP application passes the screening stage, you will be sent to take the test and all fee will be covered.
6. How does the EPP test the English language proficiency of the applicants?
a. Once pass the application’s screening stage, applicants will be invited to take the English placement test to determine their English level. There are two English tests.
i. English Placement Test : The requirement is a minimum of GEP Level 7A.
ii. IELTS Test: Applicants will then register and pay for their IELTS test no later than 1 month after taking the placement test.
1. People with disability – entry IELTS requirement is overall 5.0 with no sub band less than 4.5.
2. Other ETGs – entry IELTS requirement is overall 5.5 with no sub band less than 5.0.

Note: If applicants fail to achieve this language requirement at any stage, they will be ineligible for EPP.

7. How is EPP different from AAS?
a. Australia Awards Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for Cambodians to undertake a postgraduate study in a world-class university in Australia.
b. Equity Pathways Program is a pathway to support potential AAS applicants to meet the scholarship English language requirement, to the Equity Target Groups (Women, People with Disability, People living and working in the provinces, Members of Indigenous and Ethnic groups and other Marginalised groups) and 24-month full time experience for people with disability.
8. If I am admitted into EPP, does that mean I will automatically be awarded the Australia Awards Scholarship?
No, you are not. When you apply for the scholarship and compete with other applicants on a merit-based.
9. I meet all the AAS criteria except the English requirement. Can I get fund from EPP to take the IELTS test to apply for the scholarship?
No, you can’t.
10. After attending EPP ELT, if I fail to achieve the IELTS result at minimum 6.0 (with no sub band less than 5.5), am I required to pay back all the money to EPP?
No, you are not.

Contact us

People with disability and referral partners are encouraged to contact the Australia Awards Office in Cambodia to discuss the Equity Pathways Program or scholarship applications.

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