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I’m feeling happy with my Australia Awards Scholarship and truly grateful for the hard work and commitment of all those involved. Some of them I have never met, but they still supported me enthusiastically during this program. The scholarship is a true catalyst for learning that is transformative, equipping me with the tools and confidence I need to make significant contributions to my community.

The robust support system that I had all around me—learning and networking opportunities, along with the kindness and understanding of the people—was undoubtedly the best part of my time in Australia, making my journey exceptional. I feel fortunate to have had professors and friends from various cultural backgrounds who have supported me both emotionally and academically.

I’ll truly miss the supportive and inclusive environment in Australia, where health and well-being are prioritised. The friendships established in this multicultural setting, where diversity is celebrated and new perspectives are welcomed, make for a vibrant community. I’ll also miss the beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces that enhanced the quality of life and fostered a sense of belonging.

Now, I’m eagerly looking forward to reuniting with my beloved family and friends in Cambodia. The joy of being back and sharing my experiences with them is something I deeply anticipate.

Kim Vanneth
Master of Management (Entrepreneurship and Innovation; and Human Resource Management)
La Trobe University, Australia

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