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Completing my Australia Awards Scholarship has been a worthwhile academic and personal experience. I’ve encountered different perspectives and advanced techniques. I’m now prepared to use what I’ve learned when I go back to Cambodia.
Making friends with people from Oceania and Southeast Asia, taking part in a group marketing research project, and investigating a cutting-edge marketing sector employing neurological technologies are just a few of the joys of living in Australia.
I’ll miss many family members and friends in Australia when I return home. The brilliant design of Australian cities and communities is one thing I’ll really miss. Across the metropolitan area, whether in Sydney, Melbourne, or Adelaide, are small pockets of parks or greenery, which enhance the area’s natural beauty and healthy air, especially during autumn. Numerous essential services are easily accessible via public transportation or within walking distance. Public transportation and train terminals are generally well-funded and maintained.
Even though Australia is a great place to live, I’ve always felt that Cambodia is my true home. I look forward to spending time with my family and girlfriend, enjoying the delicious Khmer foods our country has to offer.
Bun Thaisolomon
Master of Management (Marketing)
The University of Melbourne, Australia

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